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Reviews & Testimonials

What My Clients are Saying...

Jessica was a breath of fresh air in a world full of “SEO experts” who promise the world and do very little. I asked her to do some consulting work for me to help optimize a client’s website when I realized I was in over my head. Not only did she identify and explain the weak areas in my current site, but also gave me resources and actionable strategies to move forward after our project.

Great to work with, great results. Would recommend 10/10.

Josh Piepmeier Digital Marketing Logo
Great Results, 10/10
Josh Piepmeier, Digital Marketing

Keys&Copy did a great job auditing my website! Their report was precise, highly useful, and the consultation was thorough. Jessica didn’t hesitate to spend time helping me tailor my website for better SEO and overall effectiveness. I would highly recommend their services!

Melissa Vodehnal Copywriting Testimonial
I Would Highly Recommend Their Services
Melissa Vodehnal, Blogger

Jessica has the exceptional ability to make a big impact in everything she does. Her skills in SEO and copyrighting come from a well-developed understanding of the market. That is just the beginning, her true ability is how much she honestly cares about the people with whom she interacts with. This can be seen in every interaction and every piece of content she writes. Jessica is my go-to resource for copyrighting and SEO expertise.

Adam Fenner - Copywriting Testimonial
My Go-To Resource for Copywriting
Adam Fenner, CPA

Jessica wrote a few high level niche posts for me and I am super happy with the results. The content was well-researched, engaging, and a great match for our website – even for complex topics. Jessica is very prompt and professional – no hiccups along the way. Hoping to turn to Keys&Copy for content in the future!

Photo of Andrew McBurney - SEO Expert
Well Researched and Engaging Content
Andrew McBurney, SEO Expert

I retained the services of Jessica for a complete redesign of a new client site. This site was a complete mess! She wrote all of the content for the “services” pages of the site using all the best practices of good quality SEO content. It was delivered in advance of the deadline and the quality of SEO writing exceeded my expectations.

I think it’s important to give shout-outs to people who truly deserve it and can deliver the goods. This site was a total disaster. I changed literally everything. Content played a big part in its ranking boost and it’s still a work in progress. Thanks!

Photo of David Mckaskle of Concrete Marketing Experts
The Quality of SEO Writing Exceeded My Expectations
David Mckaskle, Concrete Marketing Experts

Jessica consistently provides great content that isn’t stale. I’ve taken a post of hers and tweaked it here and there (with 0 backlinks) and ranked #3 on multiple queries (which is impressive for no backlinks). Her content takes little to no editing from me the majority of the time, and she really has a good understanding of content and audiences.

SEO Andrew Ansley Testimonial Profile Pic
Ranked #3 with No Backlinks
Andrew Ansley