Case Study: Internet Technology Firm

March 13, 2024

The Challenge

Local businesses often depend on SEO in order to attract highly targeted traffic to their websites, as their goal is to draw in customers or clients from their local area. Relying on social media traffic can be risky, especially if their fan base is outside of their service area.

Here’s how we helped one IT firm generate more local, organic traffic and draw in new leads through search engine optimized blog content.

it firm case


In 2018, Keys&Copy began working with an internet technology (IT) firm in Vancouver, BC. This company was receiving 0 organic traffic and getting very few conversions on the social and direct traffic they had coming in.

Their goal was to increase their local presence and attract more clients through their website, while also improving their authority in their space.

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Our SEO Content Strategy

Our SEO content strategy consisted of a 4-phase process, starting with a thorough site assessment. This firm was creating blog content, but they were generating no organic traffic. We needed to identify any existing issues on the site before we dove into content creation.


Content Audit


Content Planning


Content Creation


Content Marketing


Content Created

over 25 articles created; 36,000+ words


Content Type

blog articles targeting long-tail keywords


Keyword Example

Vancouver IT firm
Email security best practices
IT break fix services



New Users
Average session duration


Before working with Keys&Copy, the majority of their traffic was direct or came from social. Now, the majority of their traffic comes from organic search, where they can attract website visitors and leads on autopilot. Keys&Copy handles content creation and has automated their content marketing.

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“Jessica and her team are freaking ROCKSTARS! Blogging was something I knew I should be doing and I was pretty good at it… Except for one problem… I would release an article, then, I would get busy. Things would come up. Fires to put out… All of a sudden, I haven’t posted a blog in 3 months. Unfortunately with SEO, if you’re not consistent, you don’t get results. That’s why I reached out to Jessica. Keys&Copy jumped right in! They matched our tone, created expert content in a difficult & technical niche, and posted consistently. This saved me hours of time per week, not to mention the mental drain. Now I’m able to run my business better! The best part: We’re getting tons of consistent traffic on some pretty sweet keywords!”
Jane Doe