The Definitive Guide to SEO Writing (for Beginners and Pros)


If you’re at all familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you’ve likely heard of “SEO writing”.   Otherwise described as “writing for SEO”, SEO writing is the process of writing optimized content that ranks high in search engines (namely, Google).    Not only does SEO writing help improve the rankability of your content, but […]

Top 35 Funniest SEO Memes on the Internet

Best SEO memes ever

SEO can be a serious business.    From addressing technical issues to tackling the effects of “black hat” SEO, there are fires SEO pros have to put out every day to keep clients happy and their websites ranking high.   That’s where SEO memes can offer a bit of comedic relief – and a reminder […]

10 Timeless Tips for Great Evergreen Content


As a Seattle native, I am very familiar with the majesty and magic of Evergreen trees.   Known for staying green and fresh year-round, the Evergreen trees have made their home in the Pacific Northwest and have become the inspiration for many photography portfolios and adventure wedding backdrops.   So it’s no surprise that evergreen […]

Need to Hire an SEO Copywriter? Here’s What to Ask So You Hire the Best. 

"What to Know Before You Hire an SEO Copywriter"

You’re on the hunt for an awesome SEO copywriter.    A writer who can capture your brand’s voice like a pro, optimize your content to please the Google gods, and wow potential customers.   With so many writers online, this should be an easy search, right?   Unfortunately, finding an SEO writer who can do […]

5 Unique Methods for Generating Drool-Worthy Blog Post Ideas 


One of the most common questions I get as an SEO content writer is, “How do you come up with unique blog post ideas?”    When it seems like every topic under the sun has been covered by one blog or another, this feels like a very valid question. But the reality is that there […]

20 Best SEO Content Tools to Write Your Best Content Ever

"Best SEO Writing Tools" blog post image

Writing SEO-friendly content goes far beyond finding the right keywords. You need to write content your audience will actually enjoy and is actively searching for online. And while you could scour the web looking for the latest content tips, nothing works quite as good as having the right tools in your arsenal. SEO content writing […]

How to Research Keywords for Your SEO Content Strategy 

Featured image graphic, featuring "How to Do Keyword Research for SEO"

* This post may contain affiliate links for some of the awesome SEO tools I use every day 😉     Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or an aspiring SEO copywriter, the concept of creating “SEO content” may seem easier said than done. After all, you know that the key to generating organic […]

How to De-Optimize Your Over-Optimized Content

Featured image of 'How to De-Optimized Your Over-Optimized Content'

One of the biggest mistakes that SEO newbies make at the beginning of their SEO journey is over-optimizing their website. This can involve stuffing keywords into title tags and meta descriptions. It can involve using a bunch of keywords in the image alt text. It can involve doing this in their Google My Business Listing […]