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Ready… set… ACTION! Fire off your website marketing strategy with data-driven SEO and content. With the help of Keys&Copy, you can generate more organic traffic and leads, without settling for shady SEO techniques. 

We’ll create your very own SEO Content Action Plan to target the keywords that matter most for your brand and audience. This includes a go-forward content strategy to get your business in front of the right people with the right message on the right platforms!

SEO & content marketing, for the win

SEO & content marketing, for the win

No, SEO is not dead – it’s very much alive! (despite what Google algo updates might have you believe). There is so much digital real estate to be won in Google Search that your business is SLEEPING on new leads if you aren’t capitalizing on SEO.

At Keys&Copy, we help brands capture this organic momentum through SEO strategies and high-performing content. Your IMPACT Action Plan will lay out the blueprint for what content to create and how to target your ideal audience. 

Every brand needs an SEO-driven Action Plan to get in front of the right audience with the right message and content. 

We plan your content so you don’t have to

We get it – planning your content is tedious, sometimes confusing, and often a huge time-suck. And that’s all to plan out topics you’re not even sure will generate traffic for your site. 

At Keys&Copy, we’re so well-versed in content strategy that we can do it in our sleep (almost). We dig into the data and hand pick the topics that are most likely to drive tangible results for your brand. Then, we build out an editorial calendar so you know exactly what to publish and exactly when to publish it. 

Keyword selects, topics, and blog posts, oh my!

Once we’ve identified the must-win keywords for your brand, we build out a robust content strategy that includes all the web pages and/or blog articles your brand needs over the next 4-6 months. These are data-driven content pieces that are set to drive organic traffic and leads for your business.

No more guessing about what to post, wasting money on low-performing content, or wasting time half-writing content that never gets published. With Keys&Copy, you have an Action Plan that’s built to work!

Keyword selects topics and blog posts oh my

Organic content that gets you found online

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Your website is one of the most important assets you own in your business. Make your website work for you by publishing engaging, searchable content. With Keys&Copy, you’ll have a keyword-rich content strategy to drive organic traffic and leads to your site. And not just any traffic – real people who are interested in learning more about your services and products.


What’s next?

It’s time to Create your content.

 A few notes from our happy clients


Working with Keys&Copy has been a wonderful experience for Visitor Queue. They are incredibly attentive, professional and flexible – qualities you want in a content agency. I have and would highly recommend working with them!

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Nick Hollinger

Visitor Queue


I have been working with Jessica on a handful of SEO projects and I’m impressed with her level of skill. She’s responsive, intuitive, and available! It’s nice to know the work will get done RIGHT the first time around!

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Ania McNamara

McNamara Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your brand’s SEO content strategy requires a thorough understanding of your ideal target customer, their needs, and their pain points. This information will inform the types of topics (i.e. “keywords”) you should target in your content. At Keys&Copy, we help you identify these “must-win” topics, validate these topics with the support of SEO keyword tools, and develop a go-forward content strategy to drive organic traffic to your website. We work with you every step of the way to determine what content is most relevant to your brand and your potential customers.

SEO content strategies are the methods a brand uses to drive organic traffic to their website or blog using content, such as web pages or blog articles. Each brand’s SEO content strategy will vary depending on the specific goals of the business, whether those goals be more traffic, more backlinks, more leads, more engagement, etc. Work with Keys&Copy to determine the most important, high-volume keyword topics to pursue for your website to reach your business goals.