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Your brand can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why it’s important to define your brand’s content “pillars” to determine what it needs to say and where it needs to say it. This is what drives customer interest and builds consistency in your brand marketing. 

What are the pillars that make up your brand’s content strategy? Glad you asked! With Keys&Copy, we’ll work with you to define what topics are most important for your brand to drive organic traffic, leads, and customer engagement.

The foundation of your brand’s content strategy

The foundation of your brand’s content strategy

Content pillars are the foundational themes around which your brand organizes its content strategy. These pillars serve as the primary areas of focus for creating content. The purpose of content pillars is to provide structure, consistency, and relevance to your content, helping you communicate your message more effectively to your target audience.

Content pillars represent the core topics that most align with your brand identity and the interests of your audience.

Define your “must-win”
content themes

In order to establish an effective, evergreen content strategy, you must define the “must-win” themes your brand needs to have a POV on. These become the topics that drive organic traffic for months and years to come.

Together, we’ll establish the primary content Pillars that matter most for your business. This becomes the foundation of your content strategy – from answering user questions to building your “hub and spoke” content to driving customer engagement. 

Address user questions, interests, and concerns

Chances are, your prospective customers are searching for a lot of the same questions and challenges. What if your brand showed up for every topic relevant to your brand? You’d cover a lot of ground, right?

By establishing your content Pillars, we are able to build out a strategy that answers all of your audience’s most burning questions, building trust and generating more visibility for your brand. 

Address user questions, interests, and concerns

Support your future-forward content strategy

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Your content pillars lay the foundation upon which we build out your entire content strategy. They are the “home base” of the topics that matter most for your brand and audience. Once we win on the long-tail, highly-relevant topics, we can help you expand to higher volume, higher competition topics to drive as much traffic as possible. 

action plan

What’s next?

Put your content strategy into Action.

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Working with Keys&Copy has been a wonderful experience for Visitor Queue. They are incredibly attentive, professional and flexible – qualities you want in a content agency. I have and would highly recommend working with them!

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Nick Hollinger

Visitor Queue


I have been working with Jessica on a handful of SEO projects and I’m impressed with her level of skill. She’s responsive, intuitive, and available! It’s nice to know the work will get done RIGHT the first time around!

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Ania McNamara

McNamara Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content pillars are the foundational themes or categories that your brand uses to organize its entire content strategy. These themes represent the core topics around which all your audience-focused content is created.

Content pillars provide structure and consistency to your content strategy, helping you stay focused on the key themes that align best with your goals and audience interests. They also serve to improve brand messaging and audience engagement.

The number of content pillars can vary depending on your brand’s complexity and objectives. It’s common to have three to five content pillars, but some brands may have more or fewer, depending on their niche and audience.

Once you’ve established your brand’s content pillars, you can brainstorm content ideas within each theme. At Keys&Copy, we’ll help you create a content calendar to plan and schedule content creation around these themes.

Content pillars should align with your brand’s messaging and values. This means they will also closely align with your brand’s messaging framework and unique selling proposition (USP). Together, these work to communicate your brand’s identity and expertise through the topics you cover, no matter the channel.