25 Websites to Find Non-Copyrighted Images for Your Blog Posts

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Images are a great addition to blog posts because they help to bring the text to life. But if you’re posting on your blog frequently, you may not have the time to capture unique photography or hire a graphic designer to stock your blog full of amazing images.  Luckily, there are millions of stock images […]

5 Unique Methods for Generating Drool-Worthy Blog Post Ideas 


One of the most common questions I get as an SEO content writer is, “How do you come up with unique blog post ideas?”    When it seems like every topic under the sun has been covered by one blog or another, this feels like a very valid question. But the reality is that there […]

20 Best SEO Content Tools to Write Your Best Content Ever

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Writing SEO-friendly content goes far beyond finding the right keywords. You need to write content your audience will actually enjoy and is actively searching for online. And while you could scour the web looking for the latest content tips, nothing works quite as good as having the right tools in your arsenal. SEO content writing […]

How to De-Optimize Your Over-Optimized Content

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One of the biggest mistakes that SEO newbies make at the beginning of their SEO journey is over-optimizing their website. This can involve stuffing keywords into title tags and meta descriptions. It can involve using a bunch of keywords in the image alt text. It can involve doing this in their Google My Business Listing […]

Don’t Make These SEO Mistakes in 2019

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In the SEO world, there is a lot of great, helpful, well-research information out there. There is also a lot of crap information out there. Let’s be honest – with access to the internet, almost anyone can market themselves as an “expert”. Unfortunately, this can have some pretty dire consequences for people and businesses that choose […]

How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas for More Traffic

How to come up with blog post ideas for more traffic

Sometimes the creative juices just aren’t flowin’. You feel like you have tackled every question and query in the book – and can’t come up with new blog post ideas. Your imagination piggy-bank is all cleaned out. Fortunately, there’s a way to come up with engaging, SEO-friendly blog post ideas without relying on your own […]

“Should I SEO Optimize a Page or Rewrite It?”

Should I optimize my content or rewrite it?

Whether you are a well-seasoned pro in SEO, or a newbie just dipping your toes in, it’s likely that your content will need tune-up from time to time. However, as tempting as it can be to just plug in a few keywords and call it good, we know by now that great SEO content goes […]