25 Websites to Find Non-Copyrighted Images for Your Blog Posts

Images are a great addition to blog posts because they help to bring the text to life. But if you’re posting on your blog frequently, you may not have the time to capture unique photography or hire a graphic designer to stock your blog full of amazing images. 

Luckily, there are millions of stock images available on the internet. Some stock image sites can be costly, but many offer non-copyrighted images that are free to use. Luckily, with a little bit of guidance, finding the perfect images for your site will be a breeze.

In this post, you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of adding photos to blog posts
  • How to source non-copyrighted images 
  • The top 25 sites for sourcing non-copyrighted images

Why Add Images to Your Blog Posts?


Adding images to your blog post can enhance the readers’ experience in a few ways. 

Not only can images be visually appealing, but they can help deliver your message in a way that resonates with different types of readers. Also, if your images are strategically placed, they will help break large bodies of text and enhance the post’s readability.

When properly optimized, images can boost your ranking in search engines, which is certainly a plus. 

Top Sites for Sourcing Non-Copyrighted Images


There are a few ways to source non-copyrighted images for your blog, but typically, stock image websites are the way to go. Another method is to embed photos from social media posts, but this is a little more complex.


When it comes to stock image websites, some offer free photos and graphics, while others are available for purchase.


Without further ado, here are the top 25 sites for sourcing non-copyrighted images for your blog.


1. Pexel 


People meeting at table

Pexel is a great site for sourcing non-copyright, royalty-free photos for your blog. This platform offers thousands of unique images from talented creators.

2. Unsplash


Woman laughing against colorful backdrop

Unsplash is another great creator-based photo site that offers tons of high-quality images for bloggers.

3. Kaboompics


Many looking at graphs on tablet

Looking for artsy photos to add to your article? Kaboompic has thousands of free images that create sophisticated aesthetics. 

4. Burst


Person jumping in the air in all white room

Burst is a stock image site that is designed particularly for Shopify stores. This gallery is a great option if you’re creating blog content for an e-commerce brand.

5. Shutterstock


Man smiling among tall reeds

Shutterstock is a very popular option for sourcing royalty-free. This site is interesting because it offers stock videos and audio files in addition to images.

6. StockSnap.io


Black woman laughing wearing purple lipstick

If you’re looking for a collection of copyright-free images that grows daily, StockSnap.io is worth checking out. Every image on this creator-friendly platform has the CC0 distinction.  

7. Flickr


Flat lay of desk with people working

Flickr is a popular stock photo site that includes images with a variety of licensing. You can find non-copyrighted stock images by clicking the “Any license” dropdown and choosing “Commercial use & mods allowed.”

8. CreateHER Stock


POC images

Creators who are looking to improve Black representation in their blog content, especially Black women, should check out CreateHER Stock. This organization adds new collections of photos each month that are free to use.

9. #WOCinTech


Black woman in tech images

#WOCinTech is another great resource for bloggers that are looking to amplify the creations of underrepresented minority groups. Photos from this collection are free to use as long as “WOCinTechChat.com” is credited.

10. The Jopwell Collection


Free women in tech images

The Jopwell Collection is another photo site that focuses on improving the representation of POC. This site offers a small collection of photos that put the spotlight on Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people in professional, athletic, and academic environments. 

11.  iStock


Bright orange background and megaphone

iStock is primarily known as a paid stock image gallery. However, iStock releases a small collection of free, non-copyright images each week. The free images are accessible to years with a free iStock membership. 

12. Pixabay


Fuchsia monsterra plant

Pixabay features over 2.5 million images from talented creators. These images all have the CC0 distinction, so crediting the creator is not required but is encouraged and appreciated.

13. Free Images


Non copyrighted landscape image

Free Images is a royalty-free stock photo site with hundreds of thousands of images to choose from. It offers everything from creative designs to landscape photography.

14. Depositphotos


Yellow colored pencil against blue and yellow background

Looking to spice your blog post up with vector art, illustrations, and more? Depositphotos offers a unique collection of media that is sure to capture your readers’ attention. 

15. Death to Stock


Starry, colorful night sky

Death to Stock is an interesting alternative to the image galleries that we’ve discussed so far. Bloggers can sign up for Death to Stock’s newsletter to receive 20 “authentic” photos each month. The idea is that by sending fresh content each month, bloggers have new images to choose from.

16. Getty Images


Close up of white woman with red hair

Getty Images is a photo site that is known for capturing A-list events. However, sourcing images from this site is a bit different from the others. Bloggers cannot download photos from this site, but they can embed the images in their posts directly from the Getty Images site. It is worth noting that the photos retain the Getty Images branding.

17. Canva


Person holding colorful design brochure

If you are looking for a site that allows you to make graphics for your blog post with thousands of free images, Canva could be an option for you.

18. VistaCreate


Person taking photo through refraction lens

VistaCreate, which was formerly known as Crello, is another graphic design site with its own stock image collection that operates very similarly to Canva.

19. New Old Stock


Collection of vintage photographs

If your blog has a vintage aesthetic, check out New Old Stock. It offers a collection of high-quality vintage photos from various archives.

20. Freerange


White card hanging from horizontal string

Freerange is another stock photo site that includes a variety of free-to-use images, ranging from simple photos to innovative graphic designs.

21. Life of Pix


Desktop with video editor on screen

Life of Pix provides free access to a large collection of high-quality images and videos from hundreds of talented creators.

22. Wikimedia Commons


Cassette tape on orange background

Wikimedia Commons brings together over 80 million media files that are free to use, including photos, audio, and video. 

23. PicJumbo


Photo of elephant in the wilderness

PicJumbo is another great place to source non-copyrighted photos. What’s cool about this platform is that it offers a wide variety of photos in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Vertical images are great for creating Pins or Stories to accompany and promote your blog post.

24. Gratisography


Person with arms outstretched against red background

If your blog’s look is bold and funky, check out Gratisography. This stock photo site has plenty of eye-catching images that will stand out. 

25. Google


Google search pulled up on desktop

If you are having difficulties finding a site that meets all of your image needs, you can use Google. Since Google is a search engine, it compiles the results from millions of different sites. If you’re using Google to conduct your image search, make sure to filter your results to show non-copyrighted images only. You can do so by clicking “Tools” > “Usage Rights” > “Commercial & other licenses.”

Final Thoughts


Each stock image website is a bit different in the type of photos that they offer. Some offer paid photos, and others offer non-copyrighted images. The sites that offer both typically allow you to filter the results to show images that meet your criteria.


With so many options available, I’m sure you’ll find photos that complement your written content and help you deliver your message.


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