Copywriting Testimonials From Our Clients

I have been working with Jessica on a handful of SEO projects and I’m impressed with her level of skill. She’s responsive, intuitive, and available! It’s nice to know the work will get done RIGHT the first time around!

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Get It Done Right the First Time Around
Ania McNamara, McNamara Marketing

Jessica delivers. She is dependable and gets results where others seem to just make promises and sell packages and contracts.

Michelle Darnell Copywriting Testimonial
Get Results
Michelle Darnell, Family Law Attorney

Jessica was a breath of fresh air in a world full of “SEO experts” who promise the world and do very little. I asked her to do some consulting work for me to help optimize a client’s website when I realized I was in over my head. Not only did she identify and explain the weak areas in my current site, but also gave me resources and actionable strategies to move forward after our project.

Great to work with, great results. Would recommend 10/10.

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Great Results, 10/10
Josh Piepmeier, Digital Marketing

Keys&Copy did a great job auditing my website! Their report was precise, highly useful, and the consultation was thorough. Jessica didn’t hesitate to spend time helping me tailor my website for better SEO and overall effectiveness. I would highly recommend their services!

Melissa Vodehnal Copywriting Testimonial
I Would Highly Recommend Their Services
Melissa Vodehnal, Blogger

I met Jessica through a SEO group that we were both in, so I was already a little familiar with her before hiring. I recently launched a different angle of marketing my consulting services and have been doing a slight re-brand. Since I noticed Jessica was really good at writing persuasive copy and she does know about optimizing content, I decided to hire her to re-write a couple pages of my site. She did a fantastic job! She wanted to know a bit about my audience and what was my goal for the pages. I think I had the work handed over to me within a week, so not even waiting that long. I’m incredibly happy with her work, hell, I would sign up for my membership site after reading the copy she wrote! And b/c she knows SEO, she also made valuable recommendations for my tags and title tags. Jessica is great to work with, easy going, and cares about the work. You know she wants to do it right when she’s asking you who your audience is! If you are considering hiring her, do it! I’ve already been telling my friends about her. 🙂

Rajam Roose - Copywriting Client Testimonial
If You Are Considering Hiring Her – Do It!
Rajam Roose, Digital Marketing Consultant

Top notch! Jessica does amazing work, very professional, and an incredible sense of humor. Highly recommended!

Zachary Babcock - Client Content Testimonial
Top Notch!
Zachary Babcock, Underdog Empowerment

Jessica helped us revamp the website for our non-profit organization through new content and SEO. She provided excellent marketing consulting and helped us target potential donors. We received more traffic to our website and an increase in membership of our Facebook group. She was also a very pleasant person to work with.

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She Helped Us Revamp Our Website
Sheilagh, Non-Profit Manager

Just a few minutes of your time is all that’s needed, you’ll soon get the same sense I did; Jessica is a woman who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to copywriting and SEO! Every time I have consulted with her, she has come up with nuggets of information that I hadn’t even considered. Oh, and her SEO audits are spot-on too! Looking forward to working closely with her in the future.

Sam Bragg - Business Consultant Testimonial
SEO Audits Are Spot On!
Sam Bragg, Business Consultant