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Data drives strategy. Without the right data and research, how do you know what content to create and which SEO keywords to target? That’s where SEO Content Planning comes in!

At Keys&Copy, help businesses identify the most important SEO topics (i.e. keywords) for their brand in order to increase traffic and attract new customers. Learn more about our SEO Content Planning services.

Plan Your Content, Maximize Your Impact

Don’t waste time creating content that won’t generate results for your business. Instead, develop your data-driven content strategy to target the right keywords and the right audience, with the right types of content.

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SEO Keyword Research

At Keys&Copy, we recognize the critical role that SEO Keyword Research plays in boosting your website’s visibility and driving organic traffic. It’s not just about ranking high in search engine results; it’s about ranking for the right keywords that will bring potential customers to your site.

Sounds challenging, doesn’t it?

That’s where we step in. At Keys&Copy, our SEO Keyword Research services are designed to uncover the goldmine of opportunities that lie within strategic keyword targeting. We dive deep into understanding your business, industry, and competition to identify keywords that are not just relevant but also profitable.

SEO Keyword research (1)

Our SEO Keyword Research services include

SEO keyword research
  • Industry & market trends analysis
  • Competitor keyword research
  • Long-tail keyword discovery
  • Search intent analysis
  • Local SEO keywords (if applicable)
  • Keyword difficulty assessment
  • Seasonal and trend-based research
  • Content gap analysis
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis
    Keyword prioritization
Content Topics Editorial Calendar

Content Topics & Editorial Calendar

Building a robust content strategy goes beyond optimizing product and service pages. Consistent, valuable, and well-planned content plays a pivotal role in driving traffic, building brand authority, and fostering trust with your audience.

Here at Keys&Copy, we understand that crafting the right content requires a strategic approach. That’s why our Content Topics & Editorial Calendar services are designed to align with your business goals, audience needs, and SEO best practices.

Starting with comprehensive Audience Research, we delve into understanding your target demographic, their interests, pain points, and search behavior. This foundational step ensures that every piece of content we recommend is tailored to resonate with your audience and fulfill their informational needs.

Our Content Topics & Editorial Calendar services include

Editorial calendar service
  • Content strategy development
  • Topic ideation
  • Editorial calendar creation
  • SEO integration
  • Content briefs
  • Performance tracking
  • Content Update Schedules: Keep your content fresh and relevant with scheduled updates, ensuring you continue to rank high and engage your audience.
  • Conversion optimization

Content Outlines & On-Page SEO

Crafting content that speaks directly to your audience while also appeasing search engine algorithms is no small feat. Your website’s core pages, such as service pages and product pages, are pivotal in drawing in traffic and converting visitors into customers. However, creating content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly requires a strategic touch.

At Keys&Copy, we strike the perfect balance between compelling content and search engine optimization. Our Content Outlines & On-Page SEO services are meticulously designed to ensure that every page on your website is a powerhouse of information, tailored to your audience’s needs and optimized for search engines.

Content Outlines & On-Page SEO

Our Content Outlines & On-Page SEO services include

Group 394
  • Comprehensive content outlines
  • Audience-centric writing
  • Keyword integration
  • On-page optimization
  • 100% original SEO content
  • Featured snippet optimization (if applicable)
  • SEO metadata
Content Strategy Case Study

Content Strategy Case Study

Keys&Copy has worked with marketing agencies and enterprise-level clients to develop their SEO content plans – including keyword research, topic ideation, and more.

See how our SEO Content Planning services have generated amazing results for our clients.

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Need a better SEO content strategy? We can help! Contact us to learn more about our keyword research and SEO content planning services. We look forward to helping you get more organic traffic and revenue!

Client Testimonial


Jessica is a real professional SEO writer. As an agency owner, I am particular about the content written for our agency. With Jessica, I don’t have to worry about quality or if the article is optimized correctly. She nailed all the on-page optimization while never jeopardizing the user experience. The last piece she wrote for us immediately hit page one for our focus keyword the day I published it.

I would recommend Jessica if you’re looking for next-level SEO writing that will get you results!

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