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6 Reasons Why a Copywriter Charges by the Project and Not by the Word

Content marketing is becoming more and more popular. For agencies ill-equipped to write content themselves, a no-brainer is to hire a professional copywriter. However, there is huge debate online over how much a “good” copywriter costs. To answer this question, marketers turn to blog articles that discuss the varying copywriter rates. Unfortunately, then the biggest debate of all is whether a copywriter should be paid per word or per project. The answer to […]

"Reasons Why a Fiverr Copyywriter Could be a Bad Investment"

5 Reasons a Fiverr Copywriter Could Be a Bad Investment

By now you know that well-written copy is essential for your business. But how do you know how much to spend on content and where to find great writers? Platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork seem like they could be the answer to your prayers. After all, even major corporations such as Paypal and Netflix use their services. However, big companies have large marketing budgets and can take the hit […]

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5 Ways to Increase Web Copy Conversions

So you have a business website, but no one is visiting it. Or worse, visitors arrive and leave your website like the plague. Your conversion rates are non-existent and you don’t know why. You’ve double checked your website site map, made sure all the links are working and your website graphics are on point, but still, those conversions still aren’t happening. Here’s the thing… the problem lies in your copy. […]

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How to De-Optimize Your Over-Optimized Content

One of the biggest mistakes that SEO newbies make at the beginning of their SEO journey is over-optimizing their website. This can involve stuffing keywords into title tags and meta descriptions. It can involve using a bunch of keywords in the image alt text. It can involve doing this in their Google My Business Listing too. But the place that we see over-optimization the most is in the website content. […]

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How and When to Use Humor in Content Marketing

A lot of brands are afraid of humor… Yet many brands have been wildly successful in their efforts to incorporate humor into their content, while other brands have seen their attempts blow up in their faces. The act of incorporating jokes is not enough in and of itself. Context is important, and so is the marketing message that accompanies the joke. The effective utilization of humor in a content marketing […]

"Should I optimize my content or rewrite it?"

“Should I SEO Optimize a Page or Rewrite It?”

Whether you are a well-seasoned pro in SEO, or a newbie just dipping your toes in, it’s likely that your content will need tune-up from time to time. However, as tempting as it can be to just plug in a few keywords and call it good, we know by now that great SEO content goes wayyy beyond the keywords. So now you’re faced with the decision of whether you are […]

"3 Reasons to Fire Your Copywriter"

3 Reasons to Fire Your Copywriter

Finding a great copywriter can be difficult, especially given that there are very few certifications that grant credibility in the field. Anyone with a computer could potentially set up a quick site and brand themselves as an “expert copywriter”. This can be frustrating, but it can also be a very good thing. More providers in the market can drive the cost down overall, but it also has a way of consistently […]

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How to Stop “Brainstorming” and Find Content Ideas that Work

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had writer’s block. *raises hand* I sure have. … Spending minutes or more staring at your keyboard hoping that the creative juices will just start flowing and vomit a masterpiece of content onto your computer screen… (Gross visual, I know.) It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming. It’s boring. I get it. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you can actually PREVENT writer’s […]

Kim Kardashian Paper Cover, "How to Write Content that Breaks the Internet"

How to Write Content That ‘Breaks the Internet’

When Kim Kardashian was spotted on the cover of Paper Magazine, the media was in an absolute frenzy. “Kim K breaks the internet!” “#BreaktheInternet on Twitter!” “Kim Kardashian did WHAT?” Fans and haters alike were ALL OVER this story- sharing opinion pieces, memes, gifs, and all kinds of juicy content around this scandalous magazine cover. While Kimmy is known for her attention-grabbing selfies and otherwise newsworthy antics, this story, in […]

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Is SEO Copywriting Worth the Investment?

SEO Copywriting has got a bad rap. From keyword stuffing to over-optimization, SEO experts and business owners alike are wary of ‘SEO copywriting’ being yet another SEO buzzword – no meat, full of fluff. And they aren’t wrong. ‘SEO copywriting’ brings with it a steady stream of writers that assert that good content is all about the word count, how many keywords you use, etc. Copywriters far and wide have […]