SEO Copywriting: Doing SEO the ‘Write’ Way

SEO Copywriting the Write Way

Anybody can write a $10 blog post. It takes an expert to write content that is built to drive more $$$ to your business.

Why be ‘boring’ when you could have brilliant copy that’s on-brand and gets your business the visibility it deserves?

SEO Copywriting¬†considers your target audience, keywords, business purpose, and voice to portray a message that attracts potential customers. In other words – we create content that’s made for people + optimized for search engines

With data-driven methods, our SEO copywriters write copy that drives organic traffic to your website. We also adapt to your existing marketing strategy to create content that’s shareable, clickable, and informative.

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SEO Copywriting Services

With SEO copywriting, you know that you are getting content that is made to attract the attention of search engines AND your target customers. Make your content work for you through driving traffic and sales to your website – without SEO “hacks” or boring blog posts.

No cookie-cutter content. No recycled posts. All content is 100% original and made for YOU.

SEO Content Strategy

We’ll conduct keyword research for your business and create a custom roadmap for all web-page and blog content on your website. Share your SEO Content Strategy with your team, or hire our writers to write the content for you!

Blog Posts

We take the guesswork out of your blog posting strategy and write content that’s made to drive traffic (and new customers) to your website. Ask us about custom blog packages for your own business, or for your clients. Keyword research included!

Guest Posting

Want to gain exposure for your business through guest posting on websites in your industry? We will write posts on your behalf, and assist with backlink outreach for your website. White-hat guaranteed.

Web Page Copy

Does your website need some sprucing up? We will rework or rewrite your web page copy to appeal to your target audience Рand be SEO-friendly to boot!

Landing Pages

Hire our SEO copywriters to write long or short form sales copy for your business landing pages. Whether you are directing traffic via paid advertising or optimizing for organic search, we guarantee your content will be on-brand and built for conversions. We will even work with your existing SEO team to adhere to your current marketing strategy.

Social Media Content

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – Oh my! Add a little flair to your social media presence with content that’s on-brand and made for engagement.

Email Campaigns

No one likes a boring newsletter or email “spam”. We write content that people actually WANT to read. And hey, they may even buy from you too!

Ad Copy

Whether it’s Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or anything else in between – your ad copy shouldn’t make people *yawn*. We write, test, and rewrite ad copy for the best click-through rate possible.

On-Page SEO

Can your current copywriter do THIS? We will optimize your existing website content for SEO. This service includes keyword research, title tag optimization, meta descriptions, image alt text, internal linking, and more!

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